Kingdom is Amanda’s debut range of irreverent,
hand-appliquéd clutch bags.

For Kingdom, Amanda has found inspiration in the lush jungle landscapes of celebrated Post-Impressionist painter, Henri Rousseau, and from the friendly, curious creatures nestled amongst the elaborate foliage of the artist’s most intriguing (and later applauded) series of paintings. Extraordinarily, Rousseau had never left his native France, but let his vivid imagination and research help him create these stylistic, dream-like worlds.

Amanda has similarly adorned this collection with imagery of iconographic jungle animals, each one explored through its own unique textile palette chosen to evoke a distinct character, adding layer upon layer to this witty collection. Kingdom is an offering of unique totems and exotic talismans to clutch, carry and covet…which spirit animal will you take along by your side?



Arriving at the shore in soft, metallic sheepskin leather, The Goddess is a special emblematic ode to beauty, abundance and the natural world.

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